Thursday, June 3, 2010

a preview of things to come

the other day we had our kindergarten tour with G. she's only 4 1/2. i can't believe we're even contemplating sending her to kindergarten, much less actually doing it (for the record, we were doing this before we knew i was pregnant.) the cut-off date in my area is 12/1, which puts her in the clear by about 6 weeks.

i don't know why i didn't think of it but she was the smallest kid there! by a good couple of inches. the poor kid looked out of place. it's something she'll have to get used to, i suppose, especially if she gets her height from my side of the gene pool.

we took the tour and all was well. she was holding my hand, looking around and i felt a little tug. i leaned down and she whispered in my ear:

"mommy, this school is so much bigger than my school!"

i wish i knew the secret to making her feel safe.

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